Liverpool fans will love how a Man United fan shut The Sun down on Twitter

It doesn’t need saying that Manchester United and Liverpool are two of the fiercest rivals in British, if not world football.

Two teams with a rich history in winning have a disdain for each other like nobody else in Britain and there are not many times when they can agree on anything.

However, there is always an exception to the rule.

Manchester United fan Paul Alcock provided that exception on Twitter when an innocent few snaps of his son meeting Red Devils defender Chris Smalling attracted a lot of attention.

England international Smalling is out injured at the moment and using Twitter, he invited a host of United fans to come watch their 1-1 draw with Swansea at Old Trafford in a lavish box.

Alcock and his son were among the lucky few, and after he posted a tribute to Smalling, the defender replied.

However, one reply he was not expecting came from The Sun newspaper and they were looking to use Alcock’s pictures to turn into a story.

Alcock’s reaction has united football fans everywhere and his stance on The Sun’s coverage, despite being a United fan, is to admired by all for principle alone.

The problems between the newspaper and Liverpool go all the way back to the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 where 96 people – including children – lost their lives after being crushed at Sheffield Wednesday’s stadium.

The Sun then ran a story blaming the Liverpool fans for the tragic events that had unfolded and accused them of being drunk, urinating on ‘brave cops’ and robbing the dead.

Justice came in April 2016 when a verdict of unlawful killing was passed down, but the Sun did not cover the story on their front pages, instead, they relegated the news to pages 8 and 9.

Only last month, the editor at the time Kelvin Mackenzie wrote a column that implied the vast majority of people in Liverpool were on benefits and some perceived racism directed towards Ross Barkley.

Both Liverpool and Everton united in banning the paper from Merseyside and now it seems as if at least some of Manchester United stand behind Liverpool on the matter too.