Liverpool fans showed Manchester City what a real victory parade looks like

Liverpool supporters didn’t disappoint at the club’s victory parade on Sunday.

More than 750,000 fans packed the streets of Liverpool to celebrate their Champions League win.

The Reds have one of the most passionate fanbases in the world and the scenes that were created were incredible.

“I cannot really describe it because I cried a little bit as well because it’s so overwhelming what the people are doing,” Jurgen Klopp said, via the club’s website.

“When you have a direct eye contact and you see how much it means to them that’s touching to be honest. It’s brilliant.”

Liverpool supporters deserve this one.

Before Saturday’s win against Tottenham, they had watched their side lose three finals under Klopp.


And there was also the pain of missing out on the Premier League title this season despite collecting 97 points.

Manchester City finished a point ahead of the Reds as Pep Guardiola’s side completed a domestic treble.

The Etihad Stadium club held their own victory parade – although it paled in comparison to Liverpool’s.

A video has emerged comparing the two parades and the difference is startling.

The atmosphere in Liverpool is simply electric. In Manchester? It’s not nearly as exciting.

According to the Independent, 100,000 fans attended Man City’s parade in May.

‘#BigClubVsSmallClub’ reads one of the hashtags that accompanies the video.

Despite all of their success under Sheikh Mansour’s ownership, Man City have really struggled to develop a zealous fanbase.

Liverpool don’t have that problem and Klopp believes there’s only one team that young kids in the city will be choosing to support.

“This team is really doing so well and if you are a young kid which team would you support?

“There are not a lot of other options and opportunities apart from Liverpool so it’s really nice to see.

“You see in their eyes how much it means. It’s unbelievable and it’s so intense.”

Maybe one day in the future, if they continue to win trophies, Man City will be able to line the streets with hundreds of thousands of supporters.

But Liverpool have set the precedent for how a victory parade should look.