Liverpool fans have only just noticed Van Dijk’s reaction to Keita’s skill on Townsend

Naby Keita has made a pretty good start to his Liverpool career.

The Reds had to wait 12 months for the Guinean midfielder to arrive after failing to secure a deal for him last summer.

And it looks to have been well worth the wait.

In the 4-0 victory against West Ham and the 2-0 win at Crystal Palace, Keita has impressed.

And he’s only going to get better.

And after the two performances he’s produced, Jurgen Klopp has admitted his “potential is outstanding”.

“He’s very shy and not very extroverted but on the pitch you don’t see it. He needs to settle a little bit. He’s next to Sadio all the time [in training],” he told Sky Sports.

“Everybody loves Naby but I don’t know if he loves us because he doesn’t speak a lot. But football-wise you can see the potential is outstanding but we have to give him time.”

One standout moment during his first two appearances for Liverpool was his incredible skill on Andros Townsend at Selhurst Park on Monday.

After Alisson passed Keita the ball under pressure, he produced a beautiful Cryuff Turn to make Townsend look rather silly.

To make it even better, Keita drove forward with the ball and played a beautiful lofted through ball to Mohamed Salah – who probably should have scored.

But there’s another little aspect of Keita’s skill that Liverpool fans have only just noticed – the reaction from Virgil van Dijk.

Van Dijk was Man of the Match on the night and many fans have picked on him giving Townsend a little wave after Keita’s skill.

Take a look:

ou can almost hear Van Dijk saying: “See ya!”.

While Keita’s lovely skill came off this time, Klopp probably had a quiet word with the former Leipzig player at half-time.

If it didn’t come off, Palace would have been in on goal. Luckily, Keita knew exactly what he was doing though…