Liverpool fans encourage John Henry to bid £40m + £1 for unhappy Arsenal star

The Alexis Sanchez contract situation has taken on a life of itself in the Arsenal dressing room; not a day goes by without stories emerging of the player being unhappy at the club, or being linked to other sides. According to some, this was one of the reasons the Chilean was dropped against Liverpool.

It isn’t the best situation for the club, no matter who is to blame. Sanchez is one of two truly world class players in that side, and perhaps the only one known to bring it in the big games. However, it seems Liverpool fans can see the funny side of this entire situation.

Many seem to be in favour of their side offering £40m + £1 for the Chilean. This would, of course, be some amazing karmic turnaround for the Gooners, given that Arsene Wenger offered the exact same amount for then-Liverpool striker Luis Suarez nearly three years ago, to the amusement of many.

See some of the best tweets from Liverpool fans below:

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