Liverpool fans can’t get over what Jermain Jenas said about handball vs Stoke

Liverpool’s players had every right to feel hard done by following Saturday’s goalless draw against Premier League strugglers Stoke City at Anfield.

Not only did Danny Ings have a goal disallowed when replays showed he was just about onside, but the Reds were denied a stonewall penalty in the 87th minute.

Georginio Wijnaldum’s dangerous cross into the box struck the arm of Erik Pieters, who had enough time to move it out of the way but didn’t.

Had Pieters’ wayward arm not blocked the cross one of two Liverpool players were primed for tap-ins past Jack Butland.

Both Jurgen Klopp and Jordan Henderson bemoaned the decision in their post-match interviews, with Liverpool’s captain describing the penalty shout as “blatant.

Klopp said: “We didn’t score, so it’s not the best day of my life, but it’s definitely not the worst. I saw everything I wanted to see except fluency and fun and joy.

“It is not our best game, of course not. For me it looked a penalty, a clear one. We should have got more penalties, we don’t have them.”

And Henderson added: “It looked like a clear penalty in play and I’ve just looked back on the tele and it’s blatant. If he doesn’t touch it with his hand it’s a goal.

“It’s a really poor decision from the referee and linesman. It’s cost us three points.”

Liverpool conceded a penalty against Roma in midweek for the same offence against James Milner, but the below footage shows Pieters’ handball was far more obvious.

The incident was a big talking point on Match of the Day and host Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer both agreed it was a penalty.

Jermaine Jenas, however, didn’t think it was a penalty and he gave a rather bizarre reason: “I don’t think it’s a penalty because it’s hard and that’s how tight it is.”

Sorry, Jermaine, but there’s nothing “tight” about it. Pieters was far enough away from Wijnaldum to tuck his arm in and everyone knows it.

Liverpool fans watching Match of the Day were bewildered by Jenas’ comments and slammed the Englishman for his latest piece of questionable punditry.