Liverpool fans are changing their Twitter pictures to Ashley Barnes ahead of Burnley vs City

Thousands of Liverpool fans have changed their Twitter profile picture to Ashley Barnes ahead of Burnley’s Premier League game against Manchester City.

Why? For ‘sh*thouse goodness’, of course.

Twitter user @OfficialVizeh has urged Liverpool fans across the country to change their profile picture to Barnes ahead of Burnley’s Premier League fixture against Manchester City on Sunday.

“Oi Liverpool fans if you legit want Burnley to beat City this weekend? Make this pic of Ashley Barnes your profile picture for sh*thouse goodness, send me screenshots,” he wrote on social media.

“If you don’t then well it’s your fault we lose innit. RT to raise awareness.”

And just a quick glance on Twitter shows that many, many Liverpool fans have obliged and edited their profile picture to the Burnley striker.