Liverpool fans are angry at what the club will trial at Anfield during Man City match

It’s fair to say Liverpool fans are looking forward to their Champions League quarter-final against Manchester City.

It’s been 10 years since Liverpool last reached the last-eight of Europe’s elite competition and Anfield is going to be rocking.

In fact, ever since the draw was made, Liverpool fans were planning their famous coach welcome ahead of the match.

In years gone by, we’ve seen thousands of Liverpool fans line Anfield Road greeting both coaches with red smoke and an incredible atmosphere before the game.

And that atmosphere will no doubt continue inside the stadium during the 90 minutes.

While Anfield will be rocking, there’s one thing the club will be trialling during the match that goes against everything that the Liverpool fans are trying to achieve.

On Tuesday evening, Liverpool’s official Twitter account asked fans whether they were sitting in the Main Stand, Level Two for the first-leg of the quarter-final.

That’s because they’re trialling their ‘Seat Serve app’ – where you can have “food and drinks delivered to your seat.”

Now, some fans might appreciate receiving a Coke and a hot-dog without leaving their seat during a game of football.

However, not Liverpool fans. Not in a Champions League quarter-final, arguably the club’s biggest match in many years.

Just check out the reaction from Liverpool supporters and it will tell you all you need to know what they think of the new app. In fact, it received such a backlash that Liverpool have now deleted the original tweet….

Can you imagine someone pushing past you to deliver some food and drink whilst the match is going on? While the person next to you is munching on some greasy food as you try and concentrate on the game?

No, us neither.

This isn’t an entertaining theatre show or a baseball match, this is Liverpool vs Man City in the Champions League quarter-final.

Not that he really needed to, but Jurgen Klopp actually sent a message to the Liverpool fans ahead of the first-leg.

“If you think you did your best job already in a game at Anfield – I don’t know which game, maybe Dortmund, maybe Villarreal – come on, bring yourself to the next level,” he said.

“Yeah, that’s what I really expect. It’s what we need. So it will be good if we can make an advantage with the atmosphere.”

I’m sure the Kopites won’t let you down, Jurgen.

As long as they’re not all ordering food and drink during the match, that is…