Liverpool fans all noticed the same one thing about Mohamed Salah vs Bournemoth

Mohamed Salah wasn’t too happy with Harry Kane being awarded THAT goal vs Stoke.

After the Premier League made their decision, Salah tweeted: “Wooooooow really ?” In disbelief.

It meant Kane moved within four goals of the Egyptian in the race for the Premier League Golden Boot.

Instead of moaning about it, though, Salah had the perfect opportunity to do all of his talking on the pitch against Bournemouth on Saturday evening.

The former Roma player was looking to score his 30th league goal this season when Eddie Howe’s side came to town.

And he was very much ‘looking’ to do just that.

In fact, it seemed as though Kane being awarded that goal that affected Salah.


That’s because, before scoring a brilliant header in the 69th-minute, Salah was a little bit too desperate to score.

Salah was often seen shooting in positions that he would usually pass it and it was something Liverpool fans on Twitter definitely noticed.

Of course, Salah soon shut all of those Liverpool fans up with his 40th goal of his debut campaign at Anfield after heading in from a brilliant Trent Alexander-Arnold goal.

Salah has been so good this season and his manager Jurgen Klopp has had to come out and insist that he won’t be leaving for a bigger club this summer.

It’s that thing, will he leave or whatever. I don’t think about it,” Klopp said about the 25-year-old.

“I don’t think – I know he will be here. But that’s all. It’s only because people always have something to write, something to talk about.”

“He had different options and he wanted to come here,” Klopp added.

“We have a big chance here to create something for the future. We are still young and full of potential and all that stuff.

“My impression at the moment is that they are all excited about being in this group.”

To be fair, if we were as good as Salah, we’d probably be greedy as well.

All the best goalscorers in world football want to score at every possibility and that’s what makes them brilliant.

Maybe we shouldn’t begrudge Salah too much considering his goal return this season…