Liverpool fan blames the colour of the seat coverings for horrendous Anfield form

A Liverpool fan has blamed the colour of the seat coverings for the team’s dismal run of form at Anfield.

Having gone an incredible 68 games unbeaten at home in the Premier League, Jurgen Klopp’s side have now lost five consecutive home games and dropped to seventh in the table.

A number of different factors have been mentioned as to why Liverpool have struggled so much in their title defence, but Reds supporter Frankie has come up with the best one yet.

Ringing in to talkSPORT, he was completely serious about Liverpool’s red seats and coverings being a major distraction for the players on the pitch and believes changing them would make a difference.

“My belief is it’s not just at Anfield, it’s all clubs that play in red like Liverpool, Man United and Arsenal,” he said on Thursday Night’s Sports Bar.

“We have red backdrops and we play in red kits.

“I believe it is the colour clash when clubs are passing the ball, it takes them longer to visualise their players.”

When quizzed on why Everton haven’t struggled under Carlo Ancelotti this term, he added: “If you’re making a painting and you put a red colour on top of a red, it actually looks worse than blue on blue.

“I can guarantee if Liverpool changed their backdrop to their away kit, they would perform a lot better.

“Even if it only made a 10 per cent difference, in the scheme of things 10 per cent is a lot.”

Both Andy Goldstein and Perry Groves were in hysterics and thought it was a wind-up. Frankie was being genuine and did his best to explain his bizarre theory.

However, the hosts were not having his point that things would be different with a backdrop and it resulted in a hilarious eight minute exchange.

Often the majority of these late night calls on talkSPORT bring about some extraordinary takes but this one wins hands down.

One man who might just be in agreement with Frankie, however, is 13-time Premier League winner Sir Alex Ferguson.

The legendary Scot infamously blamed United’s 3-0 deficit at the break vs Southampton on the grey kit they were wearing, ordering them to change into a blue strip for the second hal.