Liverpool fan accidentally receives shirt with ‘Instead’ on the back

It’s a good time to be a Liverpool fan right now.

The Reds went through a dismal spell earlier on this decade but Jurgen Klopp has re-established them as one of the best teams in the world once again.

They fell agonisingly short in the Premier League last season, accumulating 97 points but still finishing second to Man City.

They did, however, make up for that disappointment by winning the European Cup for the sixth time.

As a result of their success, Liverpool fans will be more than happy to buy the team’s kit and wear their colours proudly.

However, one man that tried to get his son’s name and number on the back didn’t quite get what he wanted.

Paul Foster shared on his Twitter account a brilliant mishap where a Liverpool fan managed to get the name ‘Instead’ on the back of his shirt.

According to Foster, the Liverpool fan, who ordered a shirt from China, accidentally got the wrong number on the back.

They sent back asking to get ’14 instead’.

But, comically, he got the number that he desired, but this time he got ‘instead’ as the name on the back of his shirt.

View it below:

Comical. The tweet has since gone viral, picking up over 2,000 retweets.

The owner of this shirt was previously unknown but one Liverpool fan has claimed it’s his shirt.

Philip Mcgeough replied to Foster with the shirt.

It appears he has tried to peel off some of the letters, accompanying a picture of the shirt with the caption: ‘Tried to fix it 😂😂’.

He tried, but unfortunately he has failed.

When asked whether the shirt was his, he admitted it was before claiming it was a ‘disaster’.

Well, that’s a substantial amount of money down the drain for Mcgeough.

At least his comical story has gone viral on Twitter and given him a memory he’ll never forget.