Liverpool crowd heard chanting ‘cheat, cheat, cheat’ and ‘f**k off’ at Luis Suarez

Few players in world football are more frustrating for opposing fans and players than Barcelona’s Luis Suarez.

While the Uruguayan possesses more talent than most in the world, he is also regularly caught up in the darker side of life on the pitch.

Rolling around on the floor, waving imaginary cards and generally antagonising the opposition is what Suarez likes to do pretty much every time he steps out on any pitch.

During his days in the Premier League with Liverpool, he was the exact same and Reds supporters saw with their own eyes tonight that nothing has changed with the Uruguayan.

Suarez didn’t exactly win many friends in the first leg at the Camp Nou, but he took his antics to new heights tonight at Anfield.

After a clash with Virgil van Dijk, in which Suarez went down rather easily to buy a free-kick and then demanded a yellow card, Liverpool fans turned on a player they once idolised.

Chants of “cheat, cheat, cheat” and “f**k off Suarez” were heard all around the ground.

Every time Suarez touched the ball then after, the boos from the crowd were deafening.

The 32-year-old then appeared to leave a bit on Andy Robertson as the first-half drew to a close, prompting yet more chanting from the Anfield faithful.

Prior to kick-off, Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler made it very clear that he was not the biggest fan of the Uruguayan.