Liverpool and Premier League announce compensation deal agreed for youngster

LIVERPOOL and the Premier League have announced they have agreed a compensation settlement with the family of a teenage victim to finally resolve the tapping up scandal.

Liverpool were fined £100,000 and banned from signing academy players from English league teams in April after breaching rules governing the transfer of youth players.But the matter is now closed following a joint statement from the club and the Premier League today.

In it, it reveals an an agreement has been reached with the 13-year-old involved to continue his current school and join another academy.

The player had previously played for Stoke City.

The statement said: “The Premier League and Liverpool FC have reached a constructive agreement regarding the future education of a young player who was unable to register with the club.”Under the terms of the agreement, the player will be able to continue his education at his current school.

“He will also be free to join another club in the academy system without that club being required to pay compensation, which has been settled with his former club, Stoke City FC.”

A league investigation found Liverpool guilty of offering prohibited inducements in an attempt to recruit a schoolboy from Stoke.