Klopp will be sacked by Liverpool one day, insists ex-Reds striker

Former  Liverpool striker Dean Saunders believes Jurgen Klopp’s comments about Gary Neville’s time at Valencia were ill-judged because he will one day face the sack at Anfield.

Neville kicked off a war of words with Liverpool in the past two weeks by heavily criticising goalkeeper Loris Karius’ performances.

The Liverpool summer signing the German responded by referencing Neville’s failed stint as Valencia manager, saying “he was a manager for a short bit, now he’s back to being an expert again.”

Jurgen Klopp defended his player during Monday’s press conference while expressing the same sentiment.

“I don’t listen to them,” he said. “He [Gary] showed he struggled with the job to judge players [during his short-lived and unsuccessful spell with Valencia] when he was manager, so why do we let him talk about players on television?”

However, Saunders, who spent a year at Liverpool in the early 90s, believes Klopp was misguided in bringing up Neville’s time at Valencia as he has left himself vulnerable if one day the Reds decide to change managers.

“I think Gary Neville was right in what he said, as long as he isn’t being biased because he’s ex-Man United against Liverpool,” Saunders said to talkSPORT.

“And Jurgen Klopp was right for sticking up for his goalkeeper, but I think he went too personal with Gary Neville about his Valencia job.

“One day he’s going to get sacked by Liverpool and he’ll be on the TV and someone’s going to say the same to him: ‘How can you say anything when you got sacked by Liverpool? You got it all wrong’.

“As a manager you eventually get sacked. It’s not if, it’s when.”

Klopp has been at Liverpool for 14 months now having replaced Brendan Rodgers in October last year. The German has already made a huge impact at the club too having taken them to two cup finals last season.

Liverpool are also massively improved from last season as they can move up to second place with a win at Middlesbrough this evening.

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