Karius is ‘shocked’ Klopp didn’t tell him about Alisson – Klopp puts him in his place

Jurgen Klopp has a problem to attend to at Liverpool – and his name is Loris Karius.

It’s been a nightmare couple of months for the German goalkeeper, whose two mistakes against Real Madrid in the Champions League final continue to haunt him.

Since that night in Kiev, Karius has made embarrassing errors against Bury, Tranmere Rovers and Borussia Dortmund in friendlies – all of which leading to goals.

And just to make things even worse, Jurgen Klopp signed Brazil goalkeeper Alisson last week and confirmed he will be the new No.1.

“Of course that’s not perfect for me, but I cannot say much more about that either,” said Karius of Alisson joining for £66m.

“I do not know [if I will leave this summer], I cannot say what I’m doing right now. There’s still some time left [in the transfer window].”

Karius is said to be “bitterly disappointed” by being replaced as No.1 and “shocked” that Klopp didn’t keep him in the loop about Alisson’s move. He’s even considering leaving.

Indeed, according to the Telegraph, Karius had no idea Liverpool were signing Alisson and found out the same way fans did.

His confidence is now completely shot because of the transfer, which has prompted a rather brutal response from manager Klopp.

Speaking on Liverpool’s US tour, Klopp said he would have signed Alisson regardless of the Champions League final result and didn’t feel like he needed to tell Karius.

At the end of the day, Klopp is manager and it’s his decision who he signs – Karius has nothing to do with it.

“If we had won the final and Alisson had been on the market we would have gone for him because we think he is the goalkeeper we want,” he said.

“The other goalkeepers are really good, like our midfielders. It doesn’t mean we tell Fabinho ‘sorry, we already have good players we don’t need you’.

“We bring in another one because we think we can make the next step like with Naby [Keita]. We do it and it’s the job.

“Listen, I didn’t walk through the dressing room and tell people that I was signing Fabinho or Keita.

“I didn’t say before the medical ‘we are signing a goalkeeper’ and then it’s like ‘oh’. It’s all good. You unfortunately are more part of that world than I am, pointing the finger on things like that.”