Jurgen Klopp’s 9 angriest rants at journalists after his furious interview v Brighton

Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Brighton was followed by a furious exchange between Jurgen Klopp and BT Sport interviewer Des Kelly. 

The Reds had two goals disallowed – including one for the most marginal of offsides – before Andy Robertson was adjudged to have kicked Danny Welbeck in the box, leading to the Seagulls’ equaliser from the spot in injury time. 

However, it was James Milner’s hamstring injury which prompted Klopp to “congratulate” the presenter.

“Milner is a hamstring. Congratulations. Maybe ask Chris Wilder about it. [BT] picked the 12.30 kick-off. You did it!” Klopp said.

The Liverpool boss has been voicing his anger all week at the decision to give his side the early Saturday kick-off following Wednesday night’s Champions League fixture against Atalanta, which the English champions lost 2-0. 

In case you missed it, his reference to Chris Wilder was because the Sheffield United boss was among those who wanted to scrap the five-substitute rule. 

Now in Klopp’s defence, his rant shouldn’t just be dismissed as sour grapes after dropping two more points. He also gave a similar interview after the 3-0 win over Leicester. 

In fact, reporters should have grown pretty accustomed to Klopp losing it. 

Liverpool 2-1 Bournemouth (April 2016)

All eyes were on Daniel Sturridge, who had recently lost his place to Divock Origi and the striker played a starring role against the Cherries – but Klopp didn’t want to talk about it. “This is a game with 11 players. And we come to this,” he said. “You are interested in one player. Each player had influence. I understand it as a team game.” 

Liverpool 2-0 Sunderland (November 2016) 

Ahead of Liverpool’s match with Sunderland in 2016, Klopp was faced with countless questions about the retirement of Steven Gerrard. “I’m absolutely the wrong person to answer about this,” he snapped. “Stop using me for stories about Steven Gerrard. You don’t need me. If you want to write something about him, write it. He deserved it. But don’t use my name because I have no idea about [him].

Sunderland 2-2 Liverpool (January 2017) 

When a reporter asked Klopp if he blamed Sadio Mane for sticking his arm out and conceding a penalty, he sighed: “Do you really want to start the year with a question like this? Yes, I go in the dressing room and ask why he put his arm out. Did you ever put shorts on? 

Liverpool 1-1 Everton (December 2017) 

Wayne Rooney’s penalty secured a draw in a derby Liverpool had dominated, but Klopp objected to Sky Sports’ Pat Davison questioning Dejan Lovren’s wisdom in making the challenge. “Obviously my opinion doesn’t matter as well,” he fought back. The transcript doesn’t really do this one justice, so see the full clip below: 

Liverpool 2-2 Tottenham (February 2018) 

After a reporter pressed Klopp on whether Erik Lamela had ‘dived’ to win Tottenham’s late penalty, he hit back: “I really don’t like this. I know exactly what you want to do. I said what I said, do with it what you want. Nothing to clarify, you write anyway what you want. It’s not a dive, it’s a normal reaction. it’s not clear, the ball is in the air, players go down. That’s how it is, but you don’t give a penalty in a situation like that. Make the story about that, I really would love to see it.”

Everton 0-0 Liverpool (March 2019) 

A journalist asked why he’d left key players on the bench in the Merseyside derby, causing this fiery reply: “I’m really disappointed in your question. Really disappointed. We don’t play PlayStation. Do you think we didn’t take enough risks today? Was there any draw where we didn’t try to win? Bring on an extra attacker and football changes? It is not like that.” 

Liverpool 2-3 Atletico Madrid (March 2020) 

When a Madrid-based reporter asked if he was concerned the game going ahead amidst the current situation, a visibly irritated Klopp responded: “We should all be worried in the same time…that’s exactly the thing I don’t like. That you sit here and ask me this question but fly from Madrid to here. Your job is to transport information and I hope it’s better than you ask questions, to be honest. That’s the moment when I get angry, you give me the feeling that I have a problem that you don’t have.”

Manchester City 4-0 Liverpool (July 2020) 

Geoff Shreeves dared to question Liverpool’s preparations to face Manchester City having already won the title and it didn’t go down well. Klopp replied: “I understood your question in the manner that you were not sure how much it means to us this game…If you want to lead this story in the direction of we were not focused on the game, then do it. But that’s the second time now.” 

Liverpool 3-0 Leicester (November 2020)

“Sky and BT have to talk because if we keep playing Wednesday and Saturday at 12:30, I’m not sure if we will finish the season with 11 players. All the top six or seven. But I know you don’t care… People tell us to rotate – who? We have offensive players to rotate, yes, the rest are kids. Stop talking and start making decisions. If somebody tells me again about contracts I’ll go really nuts.”