Jurgen Klopp went mad for naked Liverpool fan on a ladder during CL trophy parade

What a weekend Liverpool have had.

On Saturday the Reds beat Tottenham 2-0 in the Champions League final to secure a sixth European Cup and make up for last year’s defeat to Real Madrid.

And on Sunday the players paraded through the streets of Liverpool on a victory bus to celebrate with over 750,000 fans.

From the outside the atmosphere looked incredible, so you can imagine it was absolutely electric being in the crowd or on the bus itself.

Jurgen Klopp was at his hilarious best as he repeatedly counted to six on his hands and poured a beer over youngster Rhian Brewster at one point.

“I cannot really describe it because I cried a little bit as well because it’s so overwhelming what the people are doing,” said Klopp during the celebrations.

“When you have a direct eye contact and you see how much it means to them that’s touching, to be honest. It’s brilliant.

“Thank God the weather changed in a positive direction so we are having a wonderful time here. It’s really special.

“I don’t know exactly how many people live in Liverpool but there’s not a lot of space for fans and supporters of other clubs, so it’s incredible!

“This team is really doing so well and if you are a young kid, which team would you support? There are not a lot of other options and opportunities apart from Liverpool so it’s really nice to see.

“You see in their eyes how much it means. It’s unbelievable and it’s so intense. Today, wow! It’s crazy.”

Due to the sheer amount of people in attendance at the victory parade, Liverpool fans needed to get creative if they wanted a good view.

Lamp posts, road signs and traffic lights all made for good ways to get high up, even if there was an element of danger about them.

However, nothing is beating the Liverpool fan who climbed to the top of a ladder on a roof NAKED to greet his heroes as they drove down his street. Even Klopp went mad for it.

What a legend.