Jurgen Klopp reveals why Liverpool bosses can’t sack him

Jurgen Klopp is adamant that Liverpool’s owners would fail to find a better manager than him. The 50-year-old is under pressure from a section of Liverpool fans after the club’s inconsistent start to the campaign.

Should Liverpool lose to Manchester United at Anfield on Saturday, Klopp would have registered the same number of points after eight games as Brendan Rodgers managed before he was sacked in 2015.

Klopp has been accused of failing to improve Liverpool’s defence, which has conceded 12 goals in seven league games so far, but the German insists rival managers would be unable to improve the work he has done.

‘It’s a difficult job, yes. Are we where we could be? Not sure. Did we do well last year? Yes. Will it be good or better this year? Yes,’ said Klopp.

‘But we didn’t get the results so far, does that mean I should stop? No. ‘But maybe that says a little bit about if we’ve improved or not. We had to improve to be in the situation we are now.

‘If we didn’t improve we would not be in the situation with what happened last year… fourth position. ‘It’s not the biggest distance to the top teams at the moment, even when it looks from the points a little bit different.

‘If I would come in today as a new manager, and this would be the situation, and everyone gave us time and said do the next step, that would be perfect.

‘Unfortunately if they sack me now I don’t think there are a lot of managers who would do the job better than I do.