Jurgen Klopp just had to answer in detail when asked: ‘what’s wrong with Fabinho?’

Four games for Liverpool this season and not a single minute for Fabinho.

Unveiled as the club’s first signing of the summer, the Brazilian looked to boost the club’s midfield but has so far been overshadowed by the likes of James Milner and Georginio Wijnaldum.

That’s mainly because, despite an impressive pre-season, the man himself hasn’t had a single second to prove himself to Jurgen Klopp and the Liverpool faithful.

In fact, he hasn’t even made the match day squad for three out of the four games and its leaving supporters scratching their heads.

Fabinho tried to explain the situation himself last week, noting: “I’m aware it’s a different playing style than Monaco. There were two in midfield there whereas here at Liverpool there’s usually three.

“I knew it would change and I feel I’ve adapted well. You seek guidance from the other players around you and that’s worked really well and I feel my performances in pre-season were good.

“Monaco had a transition similar to Liverpool’s. I think the two teams can be compared in this way; both them have very fast transition, with every fast players up front.”

Interesting but not overly helpful when it comes to giving supporters an open deadline or insight.

That being said, fans have now been given a much clearer indication from Klopp himself when he was asked about the new signing this weekend.

When asked what was wrong with Fabinho, he replied: “Nothing. The team is good and he needs time.

“He could have been in the squad, of course, but it’s quite difficult to make the squad at the moment because they are all fit.

“It’s good to have the situation as one might need a bit of time, or the others are more used to it. That’s the only reason.

“But he will come back. And now we have games every three days, and he has made big steps in the last few weeks. He could even play at the moment.

“Hopefully now Fabinho has games with Brazil, and then after he comes back we have games, games, games.

“We have the whole of September a lot of games, only against top teams. We need all of the players, that’s good.

“We have come through the period where it looked like we didn’t need all of them because we played quite a consistent line-up and the level in training was high. That’s all cool. Hopefully they all come back healthy as we have to use them all because of the number of games.”

Interesting, so it’s clear that fitness is playing a huge role in the situation yet Klopp admits it’s likely that Fabinho will get his chance after the international break.

Liverpool have so many fixtures when they return to action that it’s inevitable that Liverpool’s midfield will be rotated, giving Fabinho the chance he’s been waiting for.

Assuming the Brazilian can grasp the opportunity with both hands, he could ensure his place in the Premier League starting XI going forward.

For the time being, though, it seems Klopp has little enthusiasm to swap out Wijnaldum and Milner when they’re performing so well.