Jurgen Klopp answers the internet’s most searched questions about him

Jurgen Klopp is unquestionably one of the world’s top managers right now.

The charismatic German coach has done a truly remarkable job at Liverpool since replacing Brendan Rodgers in October 2015.

And in two weeks’ time, there’s a chance he could become the first Liverpool manager to lift the Premier League trophy.

The Reds, whose previous title triumph was back in 1990 – two years before the formation of the Premier League – currently sit top of the table with two games left to play following Friday night’s emphatic 5-0 victory over relegated Huddersfield Town.

However, the race for the title is still in the hands of Manchester City, who have a game in hand over the Merseyside outfit. Pep Guardiola’s men are currently two points behind the league-leaders with three to play.

If City slip up and Liverpool capitalise, winning the league in the process, Klopp will never need to buy another drink on Merseyside again. He’ll forever be a club legend.

The 51-year-old is already a hero with the Anfield faithful, but how much do they really know about their manager?

Soccer AM have looked at the most-searched questions on Google about Klopp, who doesn’t use social media, and put the top 15 to the Reds’ current boss.

Some of them are quite strange – are his teeth fake, and does he play Fortnite, for example – but it’s made for a brilliantly entertaining video and you can watch it in full here…

In case you just want to skip to a specific question, here are the times…

00:45 | Where did Jurgen Klopp grow up?
01:18 | Is Jurgen Klopp angry?
02:21 | How many languages does Jurgen Klopp speak?
03:45 | What is Jurgen Klopp’s favourite food?
04:44 | Who would play Jurgen Klopp in a film?
06:21 | Where does Jurgen Klopp get his glasses from?
08:36 | Does Jurgen Klopp play Fortnite?
10:14 | Where is the Jurgen Klopp mural?
11:53 | How do I contact Jurgen Klopp?
13:54 | Is Jurgen Klopp on social media?
15:37 | What car does Jurgen Klopp drive?
16:21 | Does Jurgen Klopp play an instrument?
17:52 | What is Jurgen Klopp’s favourite film?
20:09 | How has Jurgen Klopp transformed Liverpool?
22:41 | Does Jurgen Klopp have fake teeth?

Despite his reputation, Klopp actually comes across as quite old school.

He doesn’t care for social media, he has no interest in video games like Fortnite, and doesn’t want fans to contact him. He only texts on WhatsApp with his family.

You have to respect that, in a way.

However, Klopp can expect even more emails from fans if he helps Liverpool win the title next month.