Jose Mourinho ‘loved’ Luis Suarez’s behaviour during Barcelona 3-0 Liverpool

Luis Suarez was an extremely popular man while he was at Liverpool.

Fans of the club adored him for his heroics on the pitch.

Suarez joined the Merseyside club in 2011 and went on to score 177 goals for the club.

By the time he left for Barcelona in 2014, many Liverpool fans considered him to be one of the best players the club had ever had.

He played against Liverpool in a competitive game for the first time since leaving on Wednesday night.

In the build-up to the game, Suarez promised that he would celebrate if he scored.

And that’s exactly what he did – and more.

Suarez celebrated wildly after opening the scoring in the 26th minute.

He also got into confrontation with multiple opposition players.

He had an ongoing feud with Robertson, while he also clashed with Alisson and tried to get James Milner sent off for ‘stamping’ on Lionel Messi.

His falling out with the Scottish left-back also boiled over into the tunnel at half-time, according to Michael Owen.

“There was still a bit of a commotion there, walking up the tunnel at half-time,” Owen revealed on BT Sport, per the Mirror.

“Suarez having a bit of a go at Robertson, continuing that spat that there was in the first half.”

While many Liverpool fans were angered by Suarez’s actions, one man that welcomed them were Joe Mourinho.

Mourinho, speaking to RT, praised the Uruguayan’s ‘incredible attitude’ during the game.

“Luis did something which is good and I love it. For this 90 minutes he forgot that he played for Liverpool. The only thing he was focused on was that match, his job, go to the final, win the Champions League,” he said, per the Daily Mail.

“He scored a goal, celebrated the goal, he was fighting people, players he probably loves, players who are probably on the phone [to him].

“Incredible, incredible attitude. Messi is phenomenal, but to have next to him that kind of player, that can – it’s not the word I want to use – do the dirty work.

“But it’s not dirty, it’s important work, and on top of that work, the goal is phenomenal.”

Mourinho might think that way, but Liverpool fans certainly don’t.

One Liverpool fan, commenting on the club’s Reddit page, has urged fan to boo Suarez for the full 90 minutes.

It seems he could be in for a hostile reception when the two teams meet for the second leg at Anfield on Tuesday…