John Barnes thinks Liverpool would’ve sacked Jurgen Klopp after slow start ‘if he was black’

Liverpool legend John Barnes thinks The Reds would’ve sacked Jurgen Klopp after a slow start as manager ‘if he was black or English.’

Klopp took over from Brendan Rodgers in October 2015 and has gone on to win the Champions League and the club’s first ever Premier League title.

But his first few seasons were underwhelming for a manager of his pedigree and Barnes thinks he would’ve been at risk of losing his job ‘under different circumstances.’

He told PlayOJO in the aftermath of Greg Clarke’s resignation as chairman of the FA: “You can put structures in place, but until you change your perception, nothing will change.

“I use Klopp as an example. How successful was he really in the first two years in terms of being 25 points off the top? But we believed that he was the right man.

“Under different circumstances, he would have lost his job. If he was black, he would have lost his job in those first two years.

“If he was English, he would have lost his job.

“This is where the idea of discrimination is a little bit strange because there’s a group of people who are discriminated against in English football and the very highest level in the Premier League.

Image Credit: PA