John Arne Riise reveals why he’s still annoyed at Jamie Carragher

Istanbul must be one the most memorable nights of any of the players involved in Liverpool’s famous win over AC Milan in the Champions League final but for John Arne Riise it’s memorable for his annoyance at Jamie Carragher.

It may have been 14 years ago but Liverpool’s Champions League victory in 2005 will always remain one of the most memorable games of football for anyone that watched it, and certainly anyone that played in it.

Liverpool came back from 3-0 down at half time to score three second half goals, take the game into extra time and penalties and then lift the trophy.

‘Istanbul,’ as the match is affectionately known, is so entrenched in sporting parlance that Liverpool’s famous 3-3 draw with Crystal Palace became ‘Crystanbul.’

The night in Turkey though should be full of only positive memories for any of the Reds that took part in the match, even though they went 3-0 down.

That’s not the case for John Arne Riise. The left-back missed his penalty, the only Liverpool player to do so, and in his new book ‘Running Man,’ via the Daily Mail, he revealed how Jamie Carragher annoyed him, saying:

“I had cramp and felt insecure.

“Walking forwards I had three options. Smash it, place it or do a Panenka chip. I went for safety and regret it because it is the only time of my life I went for safety in anything. Dida saved it.

“I walked back and Carra (Jamie Carragher) said: ‘Ginge, didn’t you realise that Dida went to that same side for every penalty so far?.’ I was like: ‘Why didn’t you tell me before?’

It still annoys me! But Carra is funny. He text me the other day asking if he gets a good mention in the book. I said: ‘Of course.'”

Liverpool’s John Arne Riise sees his penalty saved by AC Milan’s Dida during the penalty shoot out
L-R: Liverpool’s John Arne Riise, Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard celebrate with European Cup