Jamie Carragher reveals bet with Frank Lampard in 2005 Liverpool vs Chelsea match

It’s a few years now since Frank Lampard and Jamie Carragher went to battle for Chelsea and Liverpool respectively.

The pair had many memorable encounters, including their meetings in the Champions League knockout stages in 2004-05 (which featured Luis Garcia’s infamous ‘ghost goal’), 2006-07, 2007-08 and 2008-09.

And who can forget the 2005 Carling Cup final, or Liverpool’s 2-1 win over the Blues in the FA Cup semi-final a year later?

One game that Carragher won’t remember too fondly is Chelsea’s 4-1 win at Anfield on October 2, 2005.

Lampard gave Liverpool the lead from the penalty spot in the 27th minute but Steven Gerrard quickly equalised for the hosts.

But it was all downhill from there for Rafa Benitez’s team. Goals from Damien Duff, Joe Cole and Geremi sealed a 4-1 win for the west London outfit.

The result left Liverpool with just eight points from their first six matches and meant they made their worst start to a campaign in 13 seasons.

And Carragher was left £100 out of the pocket.


In an interview with the Chelsea legend for the Daily Mail, Carragher revealed how made a bet with Lampard just before the midfielder was about to take his penalty. We’ll let them pick the story up from here.

Carragher: Talking about penalties, do you remember the one you took at Anfield? You beat us 4-1 in October 2005. I bet you £100 you wouldn’t score as you were getting ready to take it…

Lampard: I slipped it under Pepe Reina, didn’t I? He dived the right way but it went in!

Carraghrt: I gave you the money though! £100 wouldn’t get you far down here, mind. Probably get you a coffee and croissant!

Lampard: You know what I remember from that game? I took a corner in front of the Kop — they’d been giving me loads — so I gave them a little signal. And you didn’t like it! You came over and started shouting, “What the **** are you doing?!”


Of course, £100 is nothing to Carragher. But betting against Lampard scoring a penalty – even if it was to put him off – was just silly. The former England international was deadly from 12 yards.

Here’s a video of the game highlights. Go to 1:55 to watch the penalty incident.

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