Jamie Carragher is ‘a little bit excited’ about the prospect of Kylian Mbappe joining Liverpool

If you didn’t already know, Kylian Mbappe is the real deal.

His hat-trick for Paris Saint-Germain against Barcelona turned those few remaining doubters into believers.

Of course, this is a player who won the World Cup almost three years ago so he’s hardly the new kid on the block.

At the age of 22, Mbappe may well be the best player in the world as he surpasses Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo on their way down from the top.

While his performance at the Camp Nou grabbed everyone’s attention, so too did his post-match comments regarding his future.

“It would be stupid to decide my future on a single match,” Mbappe, who has 18 months left on his contract, said.


“The truth is that it is about reflecting for the long term. I have always said that I am happy here. This sort of match makes me even happier.”

Hardly committing his future to PSG, is he?

It would take an extraordinary amount of money to sign Mbappe but, with his contract running down, there will be a few clubs exploring the possibility.

One of those clubs who have been wildly linked with a move for the striker is Liverpool.

It would seem out of character of the Reds to splash so much money on one player but the flirting and tenuous links have continued for some time.


Whether there’s any truth in the rumours remains to be seen.

But that hasn’t stopped Liverpool fans – and club legend Jamie Carragher – from getting a bit carried away.

In fact, Carragher suggested that there’s actually part of him that thinks it could happen.

“I’m not joking, it was based on the fact that Liverpool thought they had a decent chance of getting Mbappe when he was at Monaco,” he told CBS Sports, per the Metro.

“I know Jurgen Klopp had spoken to him then and I’m sure other clubs had at that time. When Liverpool were in the Champions League final and won the Champions League a couple of years ago, I think anyone watching Liverpool there with Jurgen Klopp and the support of Anfield, if you’re ever gonna go to a club in England before you go to Real Madrid…


“Because I think he will, guaranteed, play for Real Madrid at some stage in his career but I’d always feel that maybe Liverpool is that perfect destination for a player like that before you make that next step.

“It would be Liverpool or Manchester City because they are the two top teams you’d see in the Premier League.

But there’s no doubt on social media, he’s put a couple of things out when Liverpool have been playing at home in the Champions League and it’s got us all a little bit excited.