Jamie Carragher has tweeted the cheeky gift Xherdan Shaqiri sent to Gary Neville

Monday Night Football has the potential to be an absolute treat this week.

On his return to Sky Sports, Jamie Carragher defeated Gary Neville in a penalty shoot-out which meant the former Manchester United defender would have to wear the jersey of his most hated rival.

After scoring, Carragher announced: “That’s a Liverpool shirt – I’ll even buy it.

“23 Carragher on the back. No, I’ll tell you who’ll we’ll get, 23 Shaqiri on the back, he hates Shaqiri.”

Neville heavily criticised the Swiss midfielder during the 2018 World Cup before he completed his transfer from Stoke City to Liverpool.

And he insisted that he has no intention of wearing a Liverpool shirt with Shaqiri’s name on the back.

“More than happy to wear it when Jamie Carragher wears the United shirt he bet me on 2-3 years ago for Paulinho not scoring 15 PL goals in a season!,” Neville wrote on Twitter after being called out by Geoff Shreeves for going back on the bet.

Liverpool visit Crystal Palace on Monday night, with Carragher and Neville due to take part in their first MNF show of the season.

And, on Sunday evening, Carragher posted a photo of the gift Shaqiri has sent to the Man United legend.

Shaqiri wrote a tongue-in-cheek personal message on the shirt: “To my number 1 fan Gary, please don’t track back – SORRY – please don’t backtrack on this bet.”

Neville responded to Carragher’s tweet – but, seemingly, he didn’t appreciate the gift.

“I’m not a fan of Shaqiri to be honest with you,” said Neville earlier this summer.

“I think that was to be fair made worse by the fact that he distanced himself from his team-mates as Stoke.

“They were unprofessional last season Stoke there’s no doubt and he epitomises it.”

Will Neville wear the Liverpool shirt on national TV? Only time will tell…