Jamie Carragher and Bobby Duncan’s agent involved in Twitter row over player’s treatment at Liverpool

Liverpool’s young star Bobby Duncan hit the headlines on Wednesday after his agent released a statement slamming the club’s treatment of their player. 

Saif Rubie claims 18-year-old Duncan is ‘destroyed’ and suffering from mental health issues after the Reds failed to entertain offers to take him away from Anfield. 

It’s reported that Fiorentina made a loan offer for the teenager, but that the Champions League holders are refusing to let him leave. 

The strong statement also makes it clear that Duncan will not be returning to Liverpool after the behaviour of the club’s sporting director Michael Edwards.

On Wednesday afternoon, Rubie tweeted: “Official statement regarding Bobby Duncan. Shame on you @LFC #mentalhealth #consideration.”

Check it out in full below. 

There’s been a very strong reaction to the message and Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has since hit back at Rubie, starting what could turn into a social media war. 

“I know Bobby & his family well, he’s young & at that age we all want everything right now,” the Sky Sports pundit replied.

“Played for the 1st team in pre-season which is a great start & he should try & develop this season & maybe make the bench in Carabao Cup. That should be the advice you’re giving him you clown.”

It didn’t take long for Rubie to hit back, bringing up Carragher’s spitting controversy straight away. 

“Do you also want to give advice on how to spit at people from the outside of a car? You’re the last person to say or know what’s really going on behding the scenes. Focus on your job and I’ll focus on mine.” 

Brutal. It took just minutes for Carragher to hit back, branding Rubie ’embarrassing’. 

“I made a huge mistake & apologised, I hurt myself more than anyone. You have made a big mistake & are hurting yourself but more importantly a young lads career. Throwing Stevie Gerrard’s name in also is embarrassing.” 

Duncan’s agent hit back once again and decided to call out Edwards once again.

“When the truth comes out as to how Michael Edwards has handled Bobby’s wellbeing and future you will be thinking differently I promise you. Not a single word in the statement is not the hard truth.”

Carragher then suggested that Rubie’s actions will have disastrous effects on his own career, suggesting that Liverpool will never deal with him again.

“You take on the most powerful person at the club besides Klopp?!! Madness. Club will never deal with you again.”

Rubie snapped back instantly again, criticising Edwards’ knowledge of players. 

“You talking about the glorified data analyst Michael Edwards? The one who doesn’t even know that 
@KPBofficial is a midfielder not a centre forward. Goes to show how much he knows. Oh and he doesn’t give a **** about a young players well-being more importantly.”

Appearing to end the argument, Carragher simply tweeted “I think 
@bobbyduncan999 should leave this guy before he gets sacked by the club.” 

Wow. That’s one heated exchange. At the time of writing, no further tweets were exchanged, but you can bet that this probably isn’t the last we’ve heard of Duncan’s situation.