‘It bothers me because it’s not true’ – Guardiola hits back at Klopp over spending

Pep Guardiola admits that he’s ‘bothered’ by Jurgen Klopp’s recent comments on spending.

“We are not in this fantasia land where you just get whatever you want,” Klopp said last week. “You cannot do it constantly. It looks like there are four clubs in the world who can do it constantly.

“[Real] Madrid, Barcelona, [Manchester] City and [Paris Saint Germain]. Whatever they need, they do. You cannot compare that. That is the situation.”

Liverpool haven’t spent anything on first-team signings this summer, of course.

Last season was very different as they brought in Alisson Becker, Fabinho, Naby Keita, and Xherdan Shaqiri – although, that was part-funded by the mammoth fee received for Philippe Coutinho earlier in the year.

Guardiola was asked ahead of the Community Shield meeting with Liverpool this Sunday if Klopp’s mention of City bothered him.

And it’s safe to say it did.

“Yeah it bothers me because it is not true that we have spent £200m every transfer market,” said Guardiola, per Sky Sports. “Also it’s Liverpool – ‘you’ll never walk alone’ – it’s not a small team.

“Of course I don’t like it because it’s not true. Last season we spent [net] £17m on just one player.

“Two seasons ago when I spent a lot, it’s because I took over the team with 10 or 11 players over the age of 30 – you have to [replace them].

“But we can’t spend £200m every season. For example, Liverpool spent over £200m last season, and they can’t do it this season. For us it is the same.

“We bought one player this season and then Angelino with a buy-back clause. Today the clubs cannot spend every season a lot of money.

“What happens at Real Madrid and Barcelona I do not know because I am not there.”

You could argue that having an old squad isn’t really a valid excuse – not every team with an old squad can afford to spend £200m net to fix it in a window.

Regardless, the two managers boast the two best teams in the country and they’ll meet on Sunday.

That promises to be a cracker, no matter how much they cost.