‘I hope Liverpool never win the Premier League while I’m still breathing’

There was reportedly a loud cheer inside Old Trafford when Sergio Aguero scored for Manchester City against Burnley on Sunday.

It just goes to show that Manchester United fans really don’t want Liverpool to win the Premier League.

Man City may be their neighbours but Man United’s rivalry with Liverpool runs deep.

It was in 2009 that the Red Devils’ tied Liverpool by winning their 18th league title and 2011 when they surpassed them.

Sir Alex Ferguson added yet another in 2013 and Man United fans are desperately hoping that Liverpool don’t close the gap.

That is unlikely to happen this year following Man City’s remarkable run of 12 wins in a row.

Pep Guardiola’s side won at Manchester United and Burnley and now they are two wins away from denying Liverpool a first Premier League title.

And that is a relief to many Man United supporters.

Among them is former United and Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard, who is desperately hoping not to see Liverpool win the league – now or ever.


“I hope Liverpool never win a title while I’m still breathing,” he told CNN.

“We have two teams in the form that they’re both in. It’ll come down to the wire.

“If no one has a slip up, then City wins.”

During his 13 years in England, Howard played for the two clubs whose rivalry with Liverpool is the strongest.

So it’s hardly surprising that he never wants to see them as champions.

But, while Man City are in the driving seat this year, Liverpool aren’t going away any time soon.

Jurgen Klopp has built an impressive side filled with talent and they will be competing for the title again next season, for sure.

Man United fans had better get used to the sight of the Anfield club battling it away at the top of the table.

Their only hope is that their own club sorts itself out and puts itself back in a position to compete.