Hundreds of Liverpool and Spurs fans won’t receive their tickets to the CL final

The Champions League final is now just six days away. 

Sadly, UEFA events are so often marred by ill-preparation and poor logistical planning that the build-up to the game itself is tainted. 

That’s been the case with both European finals this season. 

Arsenal and Chelsea are heading to Baku – somehow – while Tottenham and Liverpool fans have endured a nightmare trying to get to Madrid. 

Both clubs have received an allocation of just 16,613, which includes their obligations to corporate and premium ticket-holders.

That’s despite the Wanda Metropolitano boasting a capacity of 67,829. 

A portion of those tickets cost in excess of £500 and on top of rocketing prices for hotels and flights, many supporters are paying in excess of £1500. 

However, that’s just the fans who are heading out there with official tickets from their respective clubs.

Then there are those who missed out, and tens of thousands of people are expected to descend on the Spanish capital nonetheless. 

They will be watching in local bars, with the FanZones closing at 6pm. UEFA insist it’s standard practice used at previous finals. 

There are also hundreds of fans who are so desperate to get into the stadium that they’ve paid thousands of pounds to secondary ticketing websites. 

The Mirror report that some of these ticket agencies have over-promised the number of seats available and as a result, hundreds of fans who think they’ve got a ticket – and have paid very handsomely to get their hands on one – are going to get a heartbreaking e-mail in the next few days.

It’s not revealed exactly which websites are at fault, though the newspaper cites “well-known online secondary ticket agencies” who have already started processing refunds. 

Forgeries are also in circulation on the black market. Just a quick glance at some of these re-sale websites, and you’ll see tickets being sold for up to £22,000. 

These fans have been badly let down. To make matters worse, they aren’t the only ones who are desperately concerned about the situation. 

The police are also alarmed at the thought of all these fans on the streets without tickets. With the FanZones closing so early, Liverpool and Spurs fans in the city won’t be segregated. 

Unfortunately, that really could prove a recipe for disaster.