“How good is that, watching your son lift the European Cup!?”

Even if you’re not a Liverpool fan, it’s hard not to feel a little bit pleased for Jordan Henderson.

The 28-year-old midfielder has been heavily criticised at various stages of his Liverpool career but, to his credit, has never given up.

He’s always backed himself and knuckled down to make the most of his talent. Now he’s a Champions League-winning captain.

It’s success that the England international richly deserves. You won’t find many players with a better work ethic.

After helping Liverpool beat Tottenham 2-0 in Madrid, Henderson went over to the touchline and embraced his dad, Brian, through tears. It was the most touching moment of the night.

Brian is a throat cancer survivor and asked his son not to see him while he was going through treatment.

Shortly afterwards, Brian was interviewed by Optus Sport.

“It’s just very emotional, the tears come, you start shaking, you grab your wife, you grab your daughter-in-law, you grab anybody that’s around you,” he said. “I’m just so, so happy.”

He then revealed that a 10-year-old Jordan said to him that he would play in a Champions League final one day.

He added: “When he was 10 I took him to see a Champions League final at Manchester United between the two Milans and he said to us, when they came out to the Champions League music, he said, ‘dad I’m going to play there one day’.

“He’s done it not once, but twice. And he’s won one. I’m absolutely delighted for him.

“I think if he hadn’t picked that trophy up today he would have had a bad, bad summer. But now he’ll have a fantastic summer with the children.”

Brian then spotted Jamie Carragher and called him over.

“How good is that, watching your son lift the European Cup!?” the Liverpool legend said.

Brian responded: “You’ve done it pal!”

Lovely stuff.

“Where’s the party?” Carragher said. “I’ve got about four to go to!”

We’re sure both men went on to enjoy a night they’ll never forget.