Hotels and apartments in Liverpool are going for ridiculous prices on CL final night

Liverpool have the chance to secure their sixth European Cup on June 1.

Jurgen Klopp’s side will travel to Madrid for the Champions League final, where they will face fellow English side Tottenham.

It is the first all-English final since 2008 and if it’s anything close to that night in Moscow, we have a real treat on our hands.

Virgil van Dijk slipping in a penalty shootout? Harry Kane slapping Joel Matip and getting sent off in extra-time? Oh if only.

It promises to be a cracking occasion in the Spanish sun, although ticket and hotel prices have been controversial topics ever since the fixture was arranged.

Prices in Madrid have skyrocketed, while flights from English-based airports have done exactly the same – with many people resorting to driving.

And it seems prices at home are on the rise as well, especially on Merseyside.

The prices for hotels and apartments in Liverpool on Saturday June 1 are simply outrageous.

Fancy a little night stop at the three-star Adelphi? That’ll be £499 please.

At least you could save yourself £19 by heading to Hotel 46…

So what about ditching the hotel scene and hitting up one of the many apartments located across the city?

Well, you’d be out of luck again.

Some apartments are going for as much as £1698 for the night!

But if you could find six people to split the cost, it would only be £283 to soak up the Merseyside atmosphere for the evening.

And to cap it off, the hotel aptly named ‘Anfield Rooms’ is going for a cool £1300 on the day of the final.

Again, you’d be able to squeeze in six people, but over £200 per person for the night is still ridiculously high.