“He is not happy” – Jurgen Klopp discusses situation of 29-year-old Liverpool star

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has admitted that goalkeeper Simon Mignolet is “not happy” after being displaced as the club’s first-choice goalkeeper.

Earlier in the season, Klopp switched between Mignolet and Loris Karius, with the former elected to start league games and Karius between the sticks for the Champions League and cup games.

The German coach, who has since chosen Karius as his number one stopper, praised Mignolet’s attitude to training since the decision.

“I didn’t think about the long-term,” Klopp told the reporters. “It is all good internally but of course [Mignolet] is not happy. How could he be? But he accepted the situation and is a fantastic character so he trains at a really high level. Like [Danny Ward] is doing by the way.

“They push each other. He was a long time the number one and now he is the number two but it doesn’t change his attitude in training which is all good. Before you turn 40, no goalkeeper is happy to sit on the bench.

“All three goalkeepers want to play but only one can start. You can’t change the goalkeeper like you change the other outfield players all the time. This is something they have known since they were five or six years old. It’s not easier but there are much bigger problems in the world than this one.”

Liverpool have been linked with a longer-term solution to their goalkeeping situation, with a potential move for Roma goalkeeper Allison being reported.