‘Gerrard is the only candidate for replacing Klopp when he decides his time at Anfield is over’

“A message to the fans, they must turn from doubters to believers.”

Those famous first words of Jurgen Klopp continue to ring loud in the ears of Liverpool fans who have watched the German revolutionise their side from Premier League strugglers to European champions.

The bespectacled German has done an incredible job since taking over from Brendan Rogers in October 2015, building one of the most feared sides on the planet.

After finally breaking his curse in major finals earlier this year, Klopp could be on the brink of something very special on Merseyside.

He has almost single-handedly hauled the club back to where it belongs and is on the hunt for so much more.

If he can somehow guide Liverpool to a first Premier League title ever, he will surely go down among the pantheon of greats at the historic club.

Klopp is unquestionably the best thing to happen to Liverpool in a long while, and following in his footsteps will be an almighty task.

However, Klopp himself has been speaking about his desire to take a break from football when his time at Liverpool inevitably comes to an end.

“I have absolute energy. But I have one problem. I can’t do ‘a little bit’. I can only do ‘all or nothing’. When I decide that I cannot do it any longer then I will take a break for a year,” said Klopp an interview with Kicker.

So the question remains, who on earth could replace him?

Well, former Champions League-winning goalkeeper, Jerzy Dudek, thinks he knows.

The Istanbul hero believes former skipper Steven Gerrard is being groomed to step into Klopp’s place when the German moves on.

“He is ideally suited to it because he was a great leader and as a captain, he brilliantly managed our dressing room. But honestly, I would have laughed at you if you told me he wanted to be a manager.

“Most of the very best players like to take a break after their playing career has ended and return to their family, who have sacrificed a lot during their career.

“But Steven quickly jumped from coaching the kids at Liverpool to becoming manager of Rangers.

“And it wasn’t an obvious choice either because he took on a really difficult task.

“But his development has been rapid because no one expected that and he has exceeded expectations.

When I was in Liverpool recently, it was no secret that Steven is the man and indeed, only candidate for replacing Klopp when he decides his time at Anfield is over.

“Everyone knows that sooner or later the great captain will return.”

Well then, seems pretty cut and dry according to Jerzy, doesn’t it?

Imagine the scenes at Anfield with Gerrard making the calls from the sidelines.