Gary Neville mocks Liverpool by tweeting image of them celebrating coming second

The majority of Manchester United fans were so desperate for Liverpool to not win the Premier League that they were cheering on city rivals Manchester City instead.

Gary Neville is one man that has been expressed his opposition to Liverpool winning their first league title.

He even shared his ‘perfect scenario’ before the games started on Sunday which involved late heartbreak for the Reds.

“My perfect scenario today is that Brighton score to make it 1-0 with about five minutes to go and Liverpool are winning 1-0 at the time, then somebody from Wolves scores with two minutes to go,” he said, per the Daily Express.

“That would almost be perfect.”

Although his scenario didn’t come true, it was still Man City rather than Liverpool who were celebrating come the end of Sunday’s games.

City knew a win at Brighton would see them win the title for the second consecutive season and, despite going 1-0 down, they scored four unanswered goals to achieve an easy victory.

Liverpool won at Anfield against Wolves but they finished one point behind Pep Guardiola’s side.

Jamie Carragher took to Twitter after the games to congratulate Man City and take a pop at Man United.

He wrote: “Congratulations to Man City worthy winners of the PL, great effort from LFC & 1 more win away from number 6 don’t forget! Man United can’t beat Cardiff & the blues are as bad as ever!! #UpTheReds”

Neville saw Carragher’s tweet and just couldn’t help responding to his Sky Sports colleague.

He replied to Carragher by posting a photo-shopped image of the team celebrating coming second.