Former Anfield favourite describes what Klopp did to fans that Rodgers couldn’t

Jurgen Klopp’s relationship with the Liverpool fans is a lot different to the relationship Brendan Rodgers had with Reds during his time at the club.

Having said that, there aren’t many managers that have the same connection to the supporters that Klopp has. More often than not in the build up to Liverpool games, Klopp identifies the crowd as a vital factor when it comes to his team’s hopes of winning.

When he isn’t satisfied with the noise level he voices his discontent and when he is happy with the atmosphere he is just as quick to praise fans.

Discussing his interview with Klopp, Jamie Redknapp told Sky Sports: “He’s brave as well, by the way – he takes on the crowd sometimes and I’ve never seen anybody do that before!”

“If they give the team a bit of a boo, he turns around and goes at them. I like it, he’s protecting his players. But you have to be in a massive position of strength to do that.”

“If Brendan Rodgers had done that towards the end of his time there, they’d have booed him. But when you’re playing well and the team is playing well you can afford to do that.”

Rodgers wasn’t the explosive character that Klopp is and there is no problem with that. Very rarely is a manager suited to a club and the fans as much as Klopp is with Liverpool.

Reds supporters are behind everything that the manager does even if it is him telling them off for not being loud enough.

It’s time those inside Anfield give him one less job to do and start raising the roof on a more regular basis.

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