Football fan simulates the Champions League group stage draw 50 million times

Liverpool, who are only third favourites according to most bookmakers, are the holders and they’ll be looking to reach the final for a third-successive year.

It’s Manchester City who actually have the lowest odds to win the Champions League this season, while Barcelona are second.

Joining them in Pot 1 are Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain and Russian champions Zenit St Petersburg.

And here’s who they could face from Pot 2: Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Shakhtar Donetsk, Napoli, Tottenham, Ajax and Benfica.

Of course, clubs from the same league and country can’t be drawn against each other from the group stage, so Spurs can only play five teams from Pot 1.

Bayern can’t be drawn with Dortmund, Barcelona can’t be drawn with Real or Atletico – you get the point.

The group-stage draw will take place this Thursday (August 29) in Monaco at 5pm UK time, and ahead of the event, football fan @BayernForumCom has simulated how it could turn out.

The simulation was completed 50 million times and then the results were compiled into the table below, which shows the percentage chances of teams drawing each other.

Look away now, Tottenham fans.

According to the table, Spurs have more than a one in five chance (21.56%) of drawing Barcelona in the group stage.

Liverpool’s most likely draw is with Atletico (16.08%), while Chelsea drew Real Madrid in 14.79% of the 50 million simulations.

Man City also have a high chance of drawing the two Spanish teams in Pot 2, but it’s very likely that the ‘group of death’ will feature Tottenham and one of Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern or PSG.

Spurs will only hope they can reproduce the miracles of last season’s Champions League campaign.