Football fan placed £25 bet on no first-minute penalty in Champions League final

Liverpool have won the European Cup for the sixth time after overcoming Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday night.

But they were given what many perceive to be a huge slice of luck in the opening stages.

Tottenham hadn’t even touched the ball before they gave away a penalty.

Sadio Mane tried to pick out a red shirt in the box but his cross hit Moussa Sissoko’s outstretched arm.

Just 22 seconds were on the clock. Despite Spurs’ protests, the spot-kick was given and Mohamed Salah dispatched the penalty.\

It really was a start that no-one saw coming.

The odds of there being a penalty inside the first minute were virtually non-existent.

One fan, @TracksideJay, was so confident that there would not be an early penalty that he actually put a £25 bet on.

The odds were 1/1000, meaning he would have won virtually nothing if the bet came through.

But he was left with egg on his face after referee Damir Skomina pointed to the spot.

‘My lucks f*****’ he wrote alongside an image of the bet.

He must have been feeling sick when Skomina pointed to the spot.

The decision to give a penalty was controversial but Rio Ferdinand believed that it was correctly given.

“It’s an absolute nightmare start for this Spurs team,” he said on BT Sport, per the Daily Express.

“But I think his arm’s up in the air, I think that when you put your hand up like that in the penalty area you’re asking for trouble.

“You’re allowing the referee to make a decision that can go against you.

“I don’t know why his hand’s up there, who’s he talking to?

“He makes the decision easy for the ref.”