Fans have same complaint after FIFA 19 confirms Van Dijk, Fabinho & Alisson ratings

EA Sports are finally starting to release the official player ratings for FIFA 19.

Football fans have been given an indication about in-game stats since the release of the demo and numerous teams from Chelsea to Real Madrid had their ratings ‘leaked.’

However, Thursday afternoon marked the first time that supporters have had confirmation about these numbers with EA igniting their countdown of the top 100 players in the game.

They made the announcement across their social media platforms with a comedy video containing players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin De Bruyne and Thomas Muller looking over their stats.

Over the next few days, gamers and fans will keep a close eye on EA Sports to see which player cards will be unveiled.

The process will continue all the way until the best player in the game is revealed with early signs from the demo suggesting both Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will be rated 95.

In terms of the first batch, though, EA included a number of Premier League players and reaction is already beginning to spread across social media.

All the players have been given a rating of 85 with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Marco Asensio, Marco Reus, Arjen Robben, Diego Costa and Arturo Vidal proving some of the biggest names.

However, it was also a massive update for Liverpool fans who had no less than three players unveiled in the latest batch: Alisson Becker, Virgil van Dijk and Fabinho.

Supporters will be happy to see two of their new signings getting such a promising rating, especially Fabinho seeing as he’s struggled for game-time this season.

Nevertheless, there is certainly an argument that 85 is a little cruel on Van Dijk who has emerged as one of the world’s best centre-backs and was rated at 87 on PES 2019.

The biggest complaint from fans, though, is the bizarre decision to downgrade his pace and that’s no small matter when it comes to FIFA.

His pace has gone down from 73 to 71 when most were expecting an upgrade – check out the reaction:

Van Dijk will still remain one of the best defenders on the game but a decline in his pace will certainly prove frustrating for gamers.

In terms of the other statistics, his dribbling, shooting and passing has remained level.

His defending is the only major stat to receive an upgrade in the new game and surprisingly, his physicality number has also taken a downgrade.

Hopefully, when the game is released, Liverpool fans will be able to see improvements across more specific areas but the current upgrade looks a little underwhelming.

And that’s certainly not representative of the incredible nine months Van Dijk has enjoyed since his big money move to Liverpool in January.

Not only has he made major strides in improving Liverpool’s defence but has brought along the players around him with Joe Gomez, in particular, thriving next to him.

Ultimately, though, as frustrating as his FIFA 19 card may seem, fans won’t care if he continues to deliver the goods in real life.