Fan tears up over Liverpool’s season on live radio

It’s the hope that kills you and that’s certainly the case for many Liverpool fans, especially Terry the fan who couldn’t keep hold of his emotions on radio after his beloved Reds failed to win the Premier League title.

Glenn Murray’s goal for Brighton on Sunday must have given Liverpool fans all the belief they needed to go from ‘we need a minor miracle’ to ‘this could actually happen,’ only for it to be cruelly taken away from them.

It took Sergio Aguero just over 30 seconds to get City level and by half time they were 2-1 up and from there they were never likely to give the title away.

However dangling the carrot of potentially dropping points would have been enough to really hurt Liverpool fans, not that it wasn’t already enough that the Reds amassed a ridiculous 97 points and still didn’t win the league.

At the full time whistle in their own game, a 2-0 win against Spurs, Jurgen Klopp’s men could be happy they’d done as much as anyone could humanly think was possible over the season.

However for one fan it was understandably all too much as ‘Terry’ couldn’t hold back the tears when he rang into talkSPORT:

Only one side had previously got past 95 points in a Premier League season, which was City’s title winning record of 100 last season, and Klopp never could have imagined beating that total would have only got his team second place.

That Guardiola’s side have amassed 98 points in two seasons is quite frankly ridiculous and it’s unlikely we’ll see the likes again, until they do it again next season.

If you’d had asked a Liverpool fan what they thought they’d be crying about at the end of the season back in August it’s unlikely they’d have said ‘missing out on the title after losing just once.’

There is of course the potential for happier times ahead for fans of the Anfield club with the Champions League final to come on June 1st.

Of course if the north London club win in Madrid then it’ll be time for Terry to get the tissues out.