Ex-Liverpool star blasts Jurgen Klopp’s transfer policy

DIETMAR HAMANN has blasted Liverpool for their inactivity in the January transfer window.

And the former Kop midfielder says his former side were foolish to sign Klopp to such a long-term deal at Anfield.

Liverpool haven’t made any acquisitions in the winter window despite struggling – especially in defence – in January.

They’ve won just one game in the month and been knocked out of the FA Cup and the EFL Cup.

“Top teams have that mentality, and they win those matches – while average sides don’t,” Hamann said.

“Great teams are built on the basis on strong defences, and their attacks are the icing on the cake.

“But Liverpool don’t act this way in the transfer market – they do things the other way round.

“I can’t understand why Liverpool committed themselves so soon to such a long term dependence on Klopp.

“You can only do that if you’ve finished a good second in the table, or if you have won the FA Cup.”

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