Everything is possible – Klopp rallies Liverpool in top-four chase

“Let’s go for it.” That is the message Jurgen Klopp is sending to Liverpool as they look to secure a top-four finish.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp urged his team to “go for it” as they eye a top-four finish he believes is incredibly difficult to achieve.

Klopp’s men are well-placed to qualify for next season’s Champions League, sitting third in the table ahead of hosting Southampton on Sunday.

The German feels a top-four finish in the Premier League would be an achievement, saying the hunger of English teams made it different to other competitions around the world.

“We are still kind of new. Not new enough that there is no expectation. There has to be a lot of expectation,” Klopp told UK newspapers.

“We have a lot of expectation but now is the moment to really go for it. If it does not work we will speak about what we need to change after the season, but we have the strongest competitors around in the world.

“There are better teams in Spain or Germany, but none of them are as greedy as our competitors here for this kind of success. They are all fighting with everything they have.

“Doubts do not help. Bad mood, bad atmosphere, doubts from outside – it makes everything more difficult.

“Here we are in a position where everything is possible so let’s go for it.”

Liverpool have a decent home record in the league this season, having won 11 and lost just two of 17 games at Anfield.

Klopp hopes fans can will his team to another win despite likely nervousness late in the season.

“Our plan for Sunday is to use Anfield. For some it’s a nervy situation, but we need to be brave, enjoy the game and use the crowd,” he said.

“I understand absolutely that people are getting nervous, but Anfield is always more than good. What we’re going for is for all of us.”