Everyone is laughing at what Alberto Moreno was caught doing on the bench

Alberto Moreno is a curious character.

The out-of-favour left-back was once again named as a substitute by Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp for his side’s home fixture versus Southampton.

And never has the phrase ‘already on the beach’ been more appropriate as Sky Sports cameras caught him practising his bottle flipping instead of watching his team-mates in action.

Take a look…

Needless to say the fan reaction was brutal and hilarious in equal measure…

We’ve all thought about getting a music-loving, near-sighted, smartly-dressed monkey assassin tattooed on us at some point in our lives

The worst thing is that nobody has told Moreno that people stopped bottle flipping months ago.

Still, we wouldn’t expect anything less from a man with such *interesting* tattoos

Never change, Alberto.