Euro Giants prepared to offer a hefty transfer fee for Liverpool duo

Paris Saint-Germain have been linked off and on with Philippe Coutinho since the summer, but most Liverpool fans have managed not to worry overly much about the reports, knowing that success at Liverpool—a return to the Champions League and competing for the Premier League title—would likely be enough to fend of the French big spenders.

If Liverpool struggled, perhaps, while Coutinho continued to improve, then PSG might become an intriguing proposition for the player. Compared to a successful Liverpool, though, PSG would represent a significant step down to a less prestigious league. Real Madrid or Barcelona might tempt Coutinho from a successful Liverpool; PSG would not.

All of which makes claims today in France’s Foot Sur 7 that PSG now want not just Coutinho but also teammate Roberto Firmino worthy of a skeptical eye roll. They might want the pair–just about any team in Europe might at this point—but that want is unlikely to carry much weight should Liverpool continue their current title challenge.trending-musa-sow

Even Foot Sur 7 aren’t foolish enough to believe a January move would be on the cards. Any potential transfer would have to wait until next summer, and at that stage, should Liverpool have managed to secure a place in the Champions League next season it would effectively kill off any slim chance of PSG getting what they supposedly want.

Another reason for skepticism is the suggestion a €100M offer could be used to tempt Liverpool. Past reports in France had suggested the English club value Coutinho alone at between €75-85M, and they paid €33M for Firmino two summers ago. Even were one to assume his value hadn’t risen a cent it would be a laughably low offer for the duo.sstriker-see-also

So. PSG would like to have Firmino and Coutinho. That much at least is easy enough to believe. But of course, you can’t always get what you want, and in this case it seems a quite safe bet that PSG won’t.

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