Disgusting videos of Liverpool fan pushing two locals into a water fountain in Barcelona

We thought long and hard about covering this, to be honest.

It’s not representative of Liverpool fans who’ve travelled Europe these past few years during our Champions League journeys and been an absolute credit to themselves and the club.

But when people claiming to support Chelsea behave like cretins oversees, we’re happy to label them Chelsea fans – and the same with anyone – so it’s only fair to take ownership of this.

A few Liverpool fans have been filmed behaving appallingly in Barcelona yesterday. An elderly local was pushed in a fountain, mocked and referred to as ‘Mr. Miyagi’ as he clambered out – which has very obvious racial undertones and is completely unacceptable.

There are reports of the police being heavy-handed, which is commonplace when football fans travel to Spain, but that is a separate issue to this video which has surfaced.

It does seem an isolated incident, but it’s horrible and we’d like those involved to be dealt with by the club. We do not need them representing us – home or away.

End of.