Diogo Jota has ripped into EA Sports for failing to upgrade his FIFA rating

Liverpool’s summer signing Diogo Jota is extremely talented on the football pitch.

The Portuguese forward has been brilliant for the Reds this season, scoring seven times in 11 games.

But it’s not just football that Jota is one of the best in the world at.

The 23-year-old is also extremely good at FIFA.

Jota represented Wolves in the FIFA 20 ePremierLeague in April.


He cruised to the title, beating Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold along the way.

That very month, he competed in FUT Champions and won all 30 of his games and finished 61st in the world.

So he’s a very keen FIFA player who has been clearly playing the game franchise for years.

But he’s now taken a swipe at EA Sports for failing to upgrade his FIFA card.

The Liverpool forward is rated 80, the same number he was last year.

Diogo Jota in action for Liverpool

“I think they were taken by surprise when I went to Liverpool,” He told Einsteins TVI, per the Daily Mail.

“They thought I was going to stay at Wolverhampton and then they didn’t even bother to upgrade my card.

“I kept the data from last season, and despite being one of the best scorers in the Europa League and everything, they didn’t even bother.

“As long as they send me my 99 card, which it seems every professional player is entitled to, I am happy.”

View his card below:

Diogo Jota's FIFA 21 card

I think Jota’s anger is fair. He scored 16 goals last season, which was six more than the season prior.

That deserves an upgrade.

Still, his card looks very good and is appealing to FIFA players looking for a budget Premier League left winger.

Besides, if Jota continues his form over the next few months, he will earn in-form’s and could even be given a January upgrade.

Maybe his anger over his FIFA card is why he has been performing out of his skin for Liverpool this season…