Croatia boss says Lovren is playing like a 2014 Jerome Boateng – Mats Hummels replies

Not too many players can say they’ve played in a Champions League final and a World Cup final.

Even fewer can say they’ve played in a Champions League final and a World Cup final in the very same season.

Luka Modric and Raphael Varane have the opportunity to win both prestigious tournaments in the same year having already triumphed with Real Madrid in the Champions League this season.

Of course, only one of them will be victorious as Croatia face France in the final in Moscow on Sunday.

But there’s one man hoping that he’s not on the losing side of both the Champions League final and the World Cup final in the same year – Liverpool and Croatia’s Dejan Lovren.

Lovren has been brilliant in the tournament so far for Croatia and was even compared to a 2014 Jerome Boateng by manager Zlatko Dalic after they triumphed over England in the semi-final.

“Dejan Lovren has been outstanding during this World Cup. He’s playing at the same level of Jerome Boateng in the 2014 World Cup,” Dalic said.

But it seems there’s one man that disagrees with that statement.

Mats Hummels may have crashed out at the group stage of the World Cup but it seems he’s not too keen on Lovren being compared with his Bayern Munich and Germany teammate.

After quoting the tweet, Hummels wrote: “Oh man there is such a good answer to this I really can’t post.”