“Of course” – Bundesliga ‘rough diamond’ says goal is to play for Liverpool, big fan of Klopp

Germany’s Kicker have a feature in their magazine this week on Allan. The 19 year old has been owned by Liverpool since 2015, when he moved from Internacional, but has never played for the club due to the lack of a work permit.

Loans to Finland and Belgium have been followed by a stint with Hertha Berlin, and it seems to be going better this time around for the Brazilian.


Described by Kicker as a ‘rough diamond’, Hertha believe they’ve got a player with a lot of talent, but also one who needs to progress. All of that could ultimately see his stay in Germany extended.

However, the youngster himself still very much wants to be a fully fledged Liverpool player one day, work permit and all.

Quoted by Kicker, Allan explained: “I am loaned for a year. Of course, my goal is to play for Liverpool. What happens, if I do not get the necessary number of games to get a work permit for England, I’ll have to see. Without the Europa League, these games are more difficult to achieve. In general, I feel very good at Hertha.”

Allan has been keeping an eye on Liverpool and watching their progress under manager Jurgen Klopp, which is no doubt increasing his dream to play for the club.

Asked about the Reds’ progress, he said: “That Jurgen Klopp makes them better is clear… Liverpool is now playing Klopp football – with lots of energy. The team attacks, the opponent hardly rests. They can be masters (champions).”


At this point it’s difficult to see how Allan could amass the points needed to get his work permit. There are appeal processes but the Brazilian would need to have an outstanding season to have a good shot, and another season at Hertha may well suit.

Therefore, the thoughts of Hertha general manager Michael Preetz are fortunate: “If a scenario shows that there is no way for Allan to go to Liverpool due to the rules in summer 2017, we will be there. Our trainers like to work with him, he has huge potential.”

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