Confirmed: Liverpool hero suspended until the end of the season

Sky has confirmed their decision to suspend football pundit Jamie Carragher until the end of the season.

The former Liverpool defender was filmed on a mobile phone spitting at a car following Liverpool’s defeat to Manchester United last Saturday.

A Sky Sports spokesman said: ‘Following an internal review, Sky has suspended Jamie Carragher for the remainder of the football season.

‘Jamie has taken full responsibility for what has happened and we will ensure he gets the help he needs to guarantee something like this never happens again.

‘Before the start of the next season we will sit down with Jamie to discuss whether he is ready to return to his role.’

Carragher was suspended earlier this week and did not appear on the Monday Night Football programe he has become synonymous with, forcing Gary Neville to step in as a late replacement for coverage of the match between Stoke and Manchester City.

The 40-year-old has apologised on several occasions and taken full responsibility for his conduct which has been widely condemned.

Andy Hughes, who shot the footage while his 14-year-old daughter was in the passenger seat, revealed on Tuesday he has been the subject of death threats which have left him ‘under seige’.

Carragher tweeted again on Wednesday, requesting that the family at the centre of the controversy be left alone. He wrote: ‘I’ve made a big mistake & accept full responsibility. I am the only person to blame for this sorry situation, so please leave the family alone.’