Carragher suggests Liverpool missing Coutinho-esque player

Jamie Carragher has suggested that Liverpool could benefit from a pure No.10 like Philippe Coutinho to make up for their lack of “pressing quality”.

Jurgen Klopp’s side succumbed to a 5th consecutive defeat at Anfield in a row to further damage the club’s chances of making the top four this term.

The Sky Sports pundit pointed out that his former side appeared to lack any answers in terms of pressing sides defending deep in the final third with someone playing “between the lines”.

Carragher was quick to clarify that he wasn’t urging Liverpool to go out and bring in a No.10 – indeed, the sale of Coutinho arguably forged the Reds into a far more competent side, with Alisson Becker and Virgil van Dijk acquired with the funds gained.

A number of factors seem to be against us this season, with the circumstances affecting the mood on the pitch.

Nonetheless, we could do with following Klopp’s message and putting up more of a fight in decisive moments to at least finish the term on a high.

You can catch the clip below (skip to 6:41), courtesy of Sky Sports: