Carra gives his definitive verdict on potential Coutinho reunion

Jamie Carragher has reiterated his opinion that the Reds should be looking to re-sign Philippe Coutinho from Barcelona this summer if that is a possibility.

Many Reds fans would not want to see him come back because of the way he left the club – but we’re with Carra. If a player of his quality becomes available, the Reds simply have to be in the conversation.

Speaking to Pundit Arena, he said: “I said it before, I’d love to see Liverpool bring back Coutinho back if that was possible in any way. Obviously, it hasn’t worked out for him at Barcelona. I just think that would be a great addition.”

It’s highly unlikely that Coutinho will come back, not least after Jurgen Klopp’s recent comments on the situation, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t want him back.

Coutinho was a class act for the Reds, and while the club went on to win the Champions League without him, adding more depth and quality to the squad is no bad thing. The Brazilian would certainly be useful in specific matches when a little creativity from the middle of the pitch is required.